• Unlimited Remote Support and Monitoring

  • With our MyITSupport system we can provide all users, no matter where they are situated, with top-quality support services. Our monthly rate per agent / workstation includes unlimited support for the user. Thus a user can log as many calls as necessary for the same rate and the company can budget one fee without getting any extra charges.

  • On-Site Support

  • The MyITSupport helpdesk will dispatch a technician as soon as the problem or task cannot get resolved remotely. NetCad also has a support footprint country wide:

  • Workshop Repairs

  • The Computer Workshop specialises in hardware repairs on a variety of makes and models. Our technical staff understands the issues that occur with individual machines in the various product lines and offer superb hardware and software service work. We are committed to the highest quality repair services and seek to build long-term relationships with our customers.

  • Computer Cleaning

  • Cleaning your computer, computer components and peripherals helps keep the components and computer in good working condition. This way equipment can last longer and by being proactive or preventative we can also reduce down-time of important equipment.

  • Proactive Services

  • Our Proactive Team handles the following services early every morning:

    • Monitors Backups
    • Monitors Server Up-Time
    • Monitors Internet Connectivity
    • Monitors Email Up-Time

    We’ll provide you with reports on these tasks e.g. Backup, etc. on a regular basis

  • Weekly Backup Rotation Service

  • NetCad offers a rotation and off-site storage service for all backup devices. Our driver will collect and rotate backup drives on a daily / weekly basis, and keep the extra drive for safe keeping at our offices.

  • System Recommendations, Roll-outs and Audits

  • Through our MyITSupport system NetCad can provide its clients with full system audits and reports to be able to present detailed recommendations and “next steps” for system standards. We also assist with IT budgets and technology proposals.

  • Helpdesk Service

  • Our Helpdesk services provide customers with our round-the-clock support, and dedicated customer care representatives. Developing and maintaining a dedicated helpdesk service is essential to retaining our customers. Our MyITSupport Helpdesk enables NetCad to provide low-cost and effective helpdesk services with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals.

    Tickets get logged online on the Helpdesk System, or via an email to, or through a phone call. Each user can track-and-trace their own tickets logged, giving flexibility to managed calls.

  • ISP Services and Solutions

  • NetCad also went in partnership with Netology to provide ISP services like:

    • Internet connectivity
    • Dedicated server hosting
    • Website and mail hosting
    • Internet continuity and failover solutions
    • Mail continuity and archiving solutions with guarantees


  • Supply new Hardware and Software

  • NetCad is a supplier of high quality computer systems. We take care to use only the brands which are locally supported to keep service times to a minimum and to ensure maximum warranty durations. For Corporate or Individual, we can supply you with the computer hardware that you need.

    As a registered Microsoft Partner, NetCad can supply you with all the latest Microsoft Software and Licenses to keep your business up to date on the latest technology and up to scratch on Microsoft standards.

  • Renting Services

  • NetCad went into partnership with Spartan to provide our clients with Long Term Rental of IT hardware. Our 5-in-1 Rental Solution is all about… Cash flow Management > Risk Management > Chaos Management > Trade- in > Buy & Rent-Back as well as 100% Software finance.

  • Anti-Virus

  • Our Anti-virus software, built into the MyITSupport system, controls and manages anti-virus services on a total different level than the normal software does. This option is also much more cost effective for our clients.


Cabling & Networking is utilised every minute of every working day making the consistency of its performance of utmost importance. Your network cabling infrastructure is vital to the success of your computer system. NetCad’s Cabling experts are here to assist with the planning, design, installation and maintenance of your company's network and cabling installations. Our experience enables us to give you complete network and cabling solutions that fit your current needs, while accommodating any future growth requirements.


NetCad successfully launched their own NetCad on-line backup facility. This system is also built-into the MyITSupport helpdesk system and to manage and control backups is much easier now. We’ll strongly recommend having at least the crucial data, as well as the users’ data running to our Cloud Backup Facility.

The advantages of having online / cloud backups:

  • Data is stored offsite (No data loss in a disaster situation like fire / theft)
  • The backup process is automated
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
  • Security - data encryption is enabled on all backups
  • Backup storage up to 15GB per user
  • Runs quietly in the background
  • No extra cost for backup hard drives as the infrastructure is already in place
  • Email notifications of the backup status get forwarded to each individual user
  • Each individual user can monitor, manage and restore its own data through the MyITSupport agent / user interface.


Through our MyITSupport system we can provide you with different kinds of reports. See below some examples.

Hardware Inventory


Disk Utilisation

Ticketing Reports

Executive Summary Report

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